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Real Women, Real Sketches

DoveDove has done something unprecedented.  They have turned the idea of beauty on its head.  Maybe everyone hasn’t seen the genius of the company’s new marketing campaign, but whoever is the mastermind behind this advertising is brilliant.  In case your haven’t been privy to the “real beauty” phenomenon, here’s their newest commercial:

Of course, in the end it’s still advertising and it’s still selling a product.  Some would call this exploitation, manipulation, or downright lying.  Oh no!  Say it ain’t so.

We live in a capitalist country.  Just take a look these slogans and think about how they’ve been integrated into our every day lives.  Do you know the original promoter?

Just Do ItIs It In You (640x512)


Most advertising isn’t just selling a product, it’s selling an idea.  What beer commercial have you ever seen that shows men and women getting fatter, more stupid, and annoying as they drink.  What women’s underwear ad have you ever seen showing a Spanx-style undergarment on a woman with an actual belly roll?  Engagement ad with a pregnant woman?  Soda ad with depressed people?  You get my point.

The problem with many of these products and “ideas” is that they create real social distortion and set social norms that are often horrible and irrevocable. I would argue that many gender stereotypes which lead to abuse and oppression of both women and men are solidly entrenched in our cultural media catalogues.  For far too long, images of women and their beauty has been limited (I would argue something similar for men, but that’s another post entirely).  In a previous post I talked about the new Swiss mannequins and their varied shapes and sizes.  This all ties together.   Women are beautiful because of their differences.  It’s so nice to see this being celebrated.  Advertising that promotes healthy attitudes of self is a positive in my book.  I want my money going to a company that emphasizes the “building up” of real people, instead of the “living up” to edited automatons.


  • Yes, Dove is getting a ton of free advertising for this and it has been their campaign strategy for a while. They have done similar ads, using what they call ‘real’ women. I agree women need to love themselves and be healthy. They key word is healthy.

  • Seems like they are sure doing the trick, and their advertising is rather slick. Of course it has to be there, and isn’t as blatant as many of which you made aware. Health is the best, as long as you have that, who cares about the rest.

    • stellanuova stellanuova

      This is so true. Women should listen to you. Health and happiness are definitely the best. Forget all the rest. A supermodel gets old too. Eventual equality for me and you. 🙂

  • Brilliant indeed. One semi-genuine idea is all we need — in writing, music, or ads — to inspire, so good for them. However, every time I remember this is about soap, the initial enthusiasm melts a bit. 🙂

  • That’s a fabulous video. To see those ladies realize how others see them, that’s amazing!
    Regarding the beer, I’m totally with you there.. and I think beer/whiskey/whatever ads should be stopped. I mean, I love my whiskey but I don’t use it to get drunk. Other people use it to get drunk and drinking should never be promoted, ever. There is so much sadness and misery in the footsteps of alcohol. Most of our social problems are caused by the drink. In Sweden people in general have a very extreme relation with drinking and getting drunk, we have a huge problem with alcoholism, and young people generally drink A LOT. It’s like you’re weird if you don’t drink. I sip some whiskey or have a glass of good wine sometimes with a good dinner but I have no interest whatsoever in getting drunk. Most people are not like me, and it shows in our society.

    • stellanuova stellanuova

      I couldn’t agree more. I’ve had so much addiction and alcoholism in my life with both friends and family. If it were promoted differently we could just enjoy social drink without this additional drive to get drunk. Somehow drunk is associated with fun when it seldom is fun at all.

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