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Superheroine Self-What will you call her?

Superheroine MeToday, I took a picture and realized that I had unknowingly captured my superheroine self.  Well, actually the nerdy alter-ego: complex, a little neurotic, overly caring about the plight of others, too cute not to have a cape and tights (I’ll be ordering those specially made from some mysterious seamstress in Camden Town, London later today….ok, I won’t, but I’d like to…something slightly steampunk would be nice).  Because she appeared of her own volition, I began to ponder the superpowers she currently possesses and those she would like to if she had a choice, which of course made me think of her frailties and her Kyrptonite.

She is a very powerful heroine, overcoming huge obstacles of time and distance if she knows the task has merit.  Often self-sacrificing, she can be driven weak with exhaustion when trying to bring happiness and order to the world. She loves humanity and the diversity of the Earth’s inhabitants, only finding artificial beauty to be truly ugly.  She is a passive rebel.  Intuition is her most extraordinary gift.  She can sense the negative emotions of those around her and accurately reconstruct the origin of their sadness and anger.  Helping people through their heartaches and fears is her goal.  Acceptance is her mantra.

Sadly, her frailties can easily destroy her. She has willingly carried heavy weights on her shoulders, but while she is strong, the time-space continuum wears on her physically and mentally.  Endurance has been key, but even well-oiled machines need a break.  A respite.  Her love of the uniqueness of humanity and dislike of the artificial make her susceptible to the anger and animosity of those who thrive with the artificial while overlooking the real.  They sense her inner rebellion and seek to marginalize her or make her appear freakish.  As for intuition and acceptance, they are her Kryptonite.  It is because she seeks to help that she attracts evil forces with the intent to abuse.

She must be aware always and align herself with forces of good that will protect one another in times of conflict.  She would like to temper her intuition with foresight and kind, but swift, judgement, and she dreams of having lighting speed.  She would also like to have a sense of her own beauty and conviction.  Her inner rebel would like to be more of an outer rebel, tempered with her current sense of responsibility.  Also, the ability to shut out negative voices would suit her well.  One thing she needs is a name.  What will you call her?  Please leave a name for her in the comments section.  Don’t be silent and don’t be cruel.


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