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New York Stories: The Drama of the Broken Suitcase

New York Stories: The Drama of the Broken Suitcase

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Apparently when visiting New York City, most notably when walking through Queens at night, it's a prerequisite that all luggage be in perfect working order.  Oh sure, there are the obvious reasons of speed, mobility, looking as little like an outsider as possible, but there is another point that was left out of the book Top 10 Reasons Not to Buy a Cheap-assed Suitcase from Ross When You're Visiting NYC.   The word "luggage" first appeared in printed English in 1596 and derives from the word "lug" which, roughly translated, means to drag something around (don't go all source crazy on me here, I wiki-ed this info like a slacker Lit major).  As luck would have it, confused and misdirected, I ended up dragging my bag through the burrow of Queens.  I blame World War II.  Before World War II

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