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Women in Numbers at a Downtown Brewery

Women in Numbers at a Downtown Brewery

Cultural Caravan, Poetry
Some men sneak surreptitious gazes at lean bodies and tight roundness as they pass. Sex and youthful beauty less-than-half caught up in their own words, more than aware they gather attention as they laugh.   Some men are more obvious; boldly, unapologetically, approvingly they stare, half-hoping they’ll get caught in their reverie, maybe get a smile from the full-lipped, soft-skinned vixens of their desires, a repository for their masculinity.   And these spring goddesses? Led by the leash of naiveté or time avoidance. I watch the preen, fidget, pretend-not-to- notice blanketed within conviction and strength. A dichotomy. Adored for the moment, the carnal, the physical. Seeking to be seen in a sea of different but sames. The att

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