Life In Black and White

Rita_Hayworth_-_1940to be in motion pictures after the war,

that is what I dream about, life in black and white;

not to be a movie star with sultry eyes and off-the-

shoulder gown, perfect clavicle accentuating

the neck; it’s the other girl, the b-roll girl; with her up-or-down do,

smiling and waving that quick wave,

like royalty fast forward;

c/o Bob Landry 1946
c/o Bob Landry 1946

the girl who made knee-length,

nipped waist jacket,


hats and loafers

look sexier than mini,pinched, crop-ped,

not Photoshopped.

to live in graytones; before America became

obese…with greed, back when being cultured

was okay,

and openly gay, or black with a fair shake, or

a woman with a say, was

the color that shone through,

giving life to the shadow;

to be in motion pictures after the war,

that is what I dream about.


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