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Stinky, Stumpy, and System Failure

Cafe_Butter_Toffee1Today I hurt my back while writing on the computer, I hit

ENTER with too much emphasis I guess, and while it hasn’t

happened yet, I’m destined for the blue screen of death.

System failure.  Me at my best.  The older I get the more stumpy my

physique and I’m no longer cool…I’m unique, with stinky feet.  I still

have something left to offer.  Probably toffees to visitors who will act

interested in my long-winded stories and tap their feet to vintage

Justin Timberlake, circa 1998, yawning and saying it’s getting late.

Wrinkles appeared this morning in my boob crack, I can never get my

sexy back the way it was before. But if you want some, there’s more

where this came from.  Just remind me of your name because I’m liable

to forget.  I’m not even old yet, but I’m outdated.  And youth…

well, youth is overrated.


  • hahaha you hold nothing back, old age sucks a ton, have to type with my left hand as my right gets all tingly and crap. Back goes, eyes go, blah, rather just have wrinkles, but no man

    • stellanuova stellanuova

      Silvia, you make me laugh. Do you know Justin Timberlake? If not, I’m going to put in a video in the post, just for you. Thanks for reading! Great stuff in your blog too.

  • Oh, I am with you on this! My creaky back reminds me every day just how old I am. For the first time this year, when I was teaching the Music Video unit I deliver I had absolutely no idea who the artists the students were suggesting were. I felt like the most ancient, outdated woman in the world! :0)

  • Youth is highly overrated, I agree, and the physical form was never that appealing anyway. Might as well get used to it and render it comfortable while we strive for decent minds.

  • lol, outdated, never, I’m a unique and never to be repeated person, even if my bones crack when I stand up and I can’t walk 15 mins without the back and hips giving out. There is no one else like me in the world. I love getting older, it opens doors to being the person I was afraid to be when I was younger because that was unacceptable. A fantastic post, well done.

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